Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Bee's & Winter Woolen Pics

I am working on more "House" projects and promise to share "Before" pics soon... I just didn't want to scare you all yet...I am also creating "New" Challenge Projects for The Granny Bee's... and The 8th Back Gate Garden Show is right around the corner, which means sprucing up The Bittersweet Cabin and Gardens...Lots of work!!! I am also taking a workshop on Braiding around your Hooked Rugs with "Heavens to Betsy" and then our annual "Workt by Hand" weekend in Tipp City Ohio is also coming up...I'm getting overwhelmed just looking at my calendar...Yikes... My Grandmother & Mom always said, "Busy people get things done." I also have/had dreams of becoming a city "Beekeeper", moving my gardens around, amending my soil, building a screen house & chicken coop, cleaning out the garage & attic and hoped to have that all accomplished before May...Ha Ha Ha
But then I received a "Wedding" invitation from my niece Aubrii (who changed her date) and yes, The Wedding is during "The BackGate Garden Show" and that means Elizabeth & The Bees are left with running the show!  So please have good thoughts for me as I navigate through the madness that I signed up for...Tootles

Here's a few Pictures of our Vendor Booths from The Winter Woolen Workshop...
Oh, and here's Kathy Ervin's Mr. Drummond...

Sue Spargo's Booth

Beth's Main Street Folkart & The Granny Bee's Booth



more Bee stuff



All Lathered-up"

The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm

Ali Strebel

Mustard Seed

All Wooled-up

Bittersweet Baskets

Heritage Farms

Village Wool

More Sue Spargo

Simple Thyme Prims


Red Haired Irish


Bee Lady said...

Beth - Go take a nap. Seriously. I just did! I fell asleep watching these shows on HGTV where they help you get your house ready to sell and now I'm raring to go! I don't know if I have the nerve to show my before/after pics. I have clutter everywhere right now...but not for long!!!

Cindy Bee

Granny Bee said...

I've been growing my guts/nerve for many years now and I want everyone to experience the real transformation right along with me...If it snows I'll nap... if not I'm gonna get busy...taking pictures anyway...