Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My, My, How Busy the Hive has been!

I just emptied my Camera and was embarrassed to see how many Pics I haven't shared yet!!! My Hive has really been active...The Projects they've had for awhile now seem to be getting finished...Even with all the Hot, Hot, Nasty Humid weather!!! I couldn't be more Proud!
We had a great time when Ali Strebel was here last week! She is The Artisan who has most inspired me!!! I get energized just being around her...She is also one of the best Teachers and Persons I've had the privilege to know both personally & professionally...Thanks so much Ali!!!

Enjoy The Pics...I couldn't even Post what I wanted to...until I catch up...Tootles

Ali Strebel teaching here last week! Look at how all of the students are paying attention!

The Little "Worker Bee's" It makes me so proud!

Sandy Knarr just Hooking away!

A Sneak Peek at The Show-n-Tell Table... 

Kathy smiling away and making more Pennies!

Carol Bowlin with a Painted "Fraktur" Mat!

"Cindy Bee" showing off her Journal!

Deb McFall showing off her Photo/Journal for her Quilts she's made!

Linda Randall (One of our wanna-bees) we love! Showing off her 1st Rug Hooked Project!

Deb Deisch ( Linda's sister and also a wanna-bee!) With her 1st hooked project!

Jeanie Shue presenting Mandy with her "Welcome to The Bee's" Needle Kit she designed and Stitched! She is now in Charge of Welcoming all The Bee's!!! If you don't have one & need one contact Jeanie....

Mandy Surprised & Shocked! Way to go Jeanie!!!

Judy Good with her finished Rabbit!

Judy Good with her finished "Proddy" Heart!

Judy Good with her completed Sweater!!!

Mandy with her Gloves she's now taking orders for!!!

Jan Adler with her knitted Sheep Cozy that she's made (3) three of! Oh and did I mention this one just happens to be mine!!!

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