Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lookie... Lookie... what came in the mail yesterday!!!

Yes, it's true... Fall is on it's way! The Mailman brought me (3) three glorious boxes of my favorite publications... A Primitive Place, A Simple Life & Mercantile Gatherings... I'm making more coffee and heading out on the porch... Drop by, email me or call if you need some Wonderful Glorious Fall inspiration...

Oh and before I forget...Congrats to "The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm"...She won The Baby Grapevine Tree!


Bee Lady said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!?! WOOHOOO I'm a winner!!!!

I am NOT ready for Fall.

Is that the Mercantile Gatherings that has the mouse pattern in it? If so I want one. I saw it somewhere last week and meant to ask you if you had it yet.

I can't come by today. I'm working beehives ALL DAY LONG. Pray I don't get stung.

Cindy Bee

Granny Bee said...

Yes, Missy you won!!! and Yes, I have some Mercantiles...I'll bring them all next week on Stitch Night! Have a Great Day and Don't get stung!!!

janis said...

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day & looking at all the Fall stuff. I am starting to get excited for Fall. Its so BEAUTIFUL & inspiring. BUT... I hate that they are rushing in with Christmas stuff already. PLEASE! May we enjoy the gorgeous Indiana Fall?

Granny Bee said...

Let me try to make you feel better...Hobby Lobby used to be a Craft Supplier for all of us who were doing Shows, And we bought Christmas Lights in July...but now most of us who make things try to stay away from all the imports...but the retailers still put things out earlier...and like you I love Fall! So when you're in the stores just ignore the X-mas aisles!!!

N.L.N said...

can you send me some fall????